Stephen S. Jones Sr. 1750 - 1844/1772 Surry County, North Carolina Property Tax

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 The 1772 Surry County, North Carolina Property Tax[1] can serve as a provisional census in that it may not contain an articulated enumeration but does include primary evidence of those living in Surry County and eligible for taxation. The 1772 Surry County Tax report is a total of 111 pages with a head count of 1,036. Stephen Jones is counted on page 28 of the report.

 Also to note, the following Jones' were in the Surry County Taxation report: John Jones, Levy Jones, Joseph Jones, James Jones(1), Thomas Jones(1), James Jones(2), Abraham Jones, Hennery (Henry) Jones and Thomas Jones(2). They will be found on pages 28[2], 29[3] and 30[4] of the report. We do not assume relationship with any of these Jones' to Stephen, however, it would be a good exercise to follow up to see where they might go.


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