Clinton Young Chapman 1846 - 1912

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Clinton Young Chapman
Born(1846-02-27)February 27, 1846
Lee County, VA.
DiedNovember 23, 1912(1912-11-23) (aged 66)
Wise County, VA
Other namesCY, C.Y.
OccupationSchool Teacher
Known forGladeville College
Parent(s)John Chapman & Susannah Chadwell



Clinton Young Chapman was born Friday, February 27, 1846[1] in Lee County, Virginia to John Chapman and Susannah Chadwell. Clinton is also known as C.Y. Chapman and sometimes Cy Chapman.



Clinton Young Chapman married Sallie Dona Beaty of Tazewell County, Virginia on Sunday, July 22, 1883. Sally is a daughter of Napoleon Ewing Beaty and Mary Ann Kendrick.

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Clinton spent his life as a school teacher. In his later years he was President of Gladeville College in Gladeville, Virginia. Gladeville is now Norton, Virginia.

Charles A. Johnson, in his book "A Narative of Wise County, Virginia"[2], relates the following story about "CY Chapman".

 John J. Park, who was married and of middle age, originated from the State of Kentucky. He qualified to practice law in the county court of Wise County at the March term, 1866. He was a man of gentlemanly appearance, wore a high-top, silk hat, kid gloves, and used a walking cane. He was somewhat deaf, which hindered him in the practice of his profession. While living in Gladeville, he and his family occupied a two-story large double porch log building. The building was built by Ira Baker sometime before the Civil War, and stood on a lot on the south side of the road and just west of where the Trinity Methodist Church now stands, on a part of the lot where the residence of W. E. Gilliam is now located. The old log house which had sheltered many families, was one of the old land marks of the town up until 1903, when it was destroyed by fire.
 Two of the last families that occupied the building were Prof. C. Y. Chapman and Carter Dean. While Professor Chapman occupied the building he was president of Gladeville College, and kept young men boarders at his home. Some of the young men were out late at night, and when coming in to occupy their rooms in the upper story, very much disturbed the professor and his family, who were occupying the lower rooms of the building. So the professor contrived a way of getting rid of the disturbances, and made him a step ladder and stood it up at the east end of the building, so that the young men boarders, when they came home late at night, could go up the ladder to the upper porch and enter their rooms from the porch, without disturbing the family below.

 Apparently, upon his retirement, Clinton requested pension from the State Board of Education. This letter is a communication between R. C. Stearnes Esq. from the Virginia Board of Education and William A. Anderson, Atty. General for the State of Virginia 1902 - 1910, in regards to allowing pension for Clinton.[3]





Clinton Young Chapman died of tuberculosis on November 23, 1912 in Norton, Virginia. Clinton




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