Stephen S. Jones Sr. 1772 Surry County, North Carolina Property Tax

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 The 1772 Surry County, North Carolina Property Tax[1] can serve as a provisional census in that it may not contain an articulated enumeration but does include primary evidence of those eligible for taxation. The 1772 Surry County Tax report is a total of 111 pages with a head count of 1,036. Stephen Jones is counted on page 28 of the report.

 Also to note, the following Jones' were in the Surry County Taxation report: John Jones, Levy Jones, Joseph Jones, James Jones(1), Thomas Jones(1), James Jones(2), Abraham Jones, Hennery (Henry) Jones and Thomas Jones(2). They will be found on pages 28[2], 29[3] and 30[4] of the report. We do not assume relationship with any of these Jones' to Stephen, however, it would be a good exercise to follow up to see where they might go.


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