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Welcome to Jonesipedia,
A Family Genealogy of the Jones' from Harlan County.
367 family tree articles.

A small family genealogy of Jones' from Harlan County, Kentucky branching from the patriarch, Stephen S. Jones Sr. 1750 - 1844 formerly of St. Mary's County, Maryland and late of Harlan County, Kentucky, including spousal families. Our Jones' have lived in Harlan County, Kentucky since right around 1796, though descendants are scattered from here to yonder. As we study this family of Jones' we learn much about where we come from. We find new information often about our Jones and present that information as soon as we can. We try to be as factual as possible, including references and citations to help facilitate legitimate research of this austere pioneer family. In some cases, however, as in all genealogy study, questions arise, opinion voiced and speculation occur. All duly noted whenever possible. As the adage goes, "It might be likely and it may be truth but nothing is fact until there's proof!" Don't forget your grain of genealogy salt!

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How to find things..

Use the search engine. Enter your search term and select "contains". When searching for names, type in the first name of your target. The search engine is auto-completing and will list all persons with the same first name. In most cases, each page has a 'Category' link at the bottom. Red links within a page indicate a future page, however it is not available yet. Blue links will take you to additional pages.

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